Visitors | Creatures
Creatures for TV show “VISITORS” (Simon Astier / Warner) Responsible for all 3D aspects, from modeling to Hero animation & crowd simulation Previous Next https://vimeo.com/583835469https://vimeo.com/738972502https://vimeo.com/738969782https://vimeo.com/596011066
Polarity | FredericNo x LesTwins
Original Director’s cut | Unbranded version As the original director of the LVMH’s cognac commercial (and now that the official campain is finally released…) I am proud to present to you the original version.   https://vimeo.com/681532280
Houdini course
Presentation of the Houdini course …based on theorical examples, and their application in a global scene Covering all major chapters Classic Modeling (Retopology | UVs) Fundamentals (Groups | Attributes | Instancing | HScript | VOP | Vex) Procedural Modeling RIG (Autorig | Manual | Skin | Muscles) Animation (Takes | Layers | Groups) CHOPs (Constraints | Sop level) Heightfields (Sculpt | Layers | COPs | Instancing) Volumes (VDB | SDF | Clouds …) Particles (Emission | Forces | Collisions | Groups | Advection) RBD (Fracture | Manual Constraints | RBD Tools | Bullet Solver | Attributes) Pyro (Emission | Combustion | Forces | Sparse Solver) Vellum (Cloth | Hair | Ballon | Struts | Fracture | Dynamic Constraints) Grooming (Guides | Attributes | Simulation | Render) FLIPs & Ocean Tool (Small & Large Scale | Viscosity | Whitewater | RBD Feedback) Rendering (Attributes | Material Builder | AOVs) Assets PDG (TOPs) Crowds (Agent | Locomotion | Footlock | Terrain Adaptation | Ragdoll)  USD – Solaris (Layers | Instancing | Karma) On demand examples… In this course for newbies and mid-users, we start from the very basic Houdini handling, and we cover each chapter one by one, using newly learned technology to enhance the student’s main scene. The example above is one suggestion of the main scene.
no Sober
Personnal Project …with original soundtrack  https://vimeo.com/314880956 Base Modeling Easy revolve and Lattice setup, and basic refining Scatter, variations, and register of their rest position on the model basic revolve and lattice scatter with orientation and variations placement Test Previous Next Petals animation Simple particle simulation with remanence petals animation Glass Dynamics FEM simulation, and replacing of the animated petals FEM and petals Dynamics Liquid & Shatter Dynamics Simple Liquid and RBD simulation liquid Simulation Final Mesh Highres VDB conversion with filters and polygon reduction (to speed up Redshift)Pedestal replacement for non-breaking shots final meshe vdbGraph Previous Next Redshift rendering Custom shaders and AOVs based on attributes Previous Next Music and soundFX Original music and soundFX
Video Mapping Truck
Technical Direction of a marvelous Video-Mapping Tool …the kind of toy I like ! For 6 months I have been in charge of the technical direction of a very new and advance tool,  that we could describe as an all-in-one videoMapping truck, produced by the Athem compagny. It embed 6 Modulo Kinetic Servers, 4 Christie Boxer 4K30 video projectors, and Graphist toolset for responsivity and on-site performance. The result was so great that we rapidly made a second one ! Conception While the main structure conception was done before I joined the crew, I had in charge the design and installation of the main broadcast system. I choosed Modulo Kinetic for the broadcast embedded system, due to it’s capability to handle multiple synchronised players, and it’s massive realtime tweakability, allowing any kind of interactivity and on-site performance. first road test first road test an inside view during the assembly On-site Direction On-site I worked as video-projectors and Modulo Kinetic operator, and when those jobs were done I usually made an user-friendly interface, so it could be manageable by non-expert users (for shows during multiple days). The Grand Palais, Paris The Louvre, Paris Bibliotheque François Mitterrand, Paris Upgrades and Maintenance When not on-site, my job was to make the trucks always ready to go, and upgrade the system (like putting the Internet for remote control, making the two trucks synchronised, etc) I’d like to greatfully thank the Athem compagny for putting trust in me and together making this incredible project happen.
Interactive Stage Set for Drummer
Interactive RIG for drummers. …to give the ability to control lights and Video Mapping just by playing drums https://vimeo.com/110050717 An home-made Interactive suite for drum players. The system allows to trigger stage lights, video (3D mapping, screens…), and electronic devices. As it is based on direct sound, it is expansible to others instruments… Music copyrighted by the Rolling Stones Drummer Bertrand Hennart
Multi-Purpose Interface for Automatic & Live Performance
Fully Autonomus Analog to Digital device Up to 32 analog sensors per slaveBoard (up to 6 slaveBoards per motherBoard), automatically converted to customeable OSC signal. Designed to directly control almost any on-stage application. Previous Next The purpose of this device is to be a multi-functionnal tool, ready to handle almost immediatly most of the need for an interactive performance. Revision 2, much smaller, now natively dispatches signal directly through network, in OSC format. That make it readeable from almost every broadcast software (vvvv, TouchDesigner, Modulo Kinetic, Resolume, Ableton…) Version 1.0 (prototype) Previous Next