Video Mapping Truck

Technical Direction of a marvelous Video-Mapping Tool

…the kind of toy I like !

For 6 months I have been in charge of the technical direction of a very new and advance tool,  that we could describe as an all-in-one videoMapping truck, produced by the Athem compagny.

It embed 6 Modulo Kinetic Servers, 4 Christie Boxer 4K30 video projectors, and Graphist toolset for responsivity and on-site performance.

The result was so great that we rapidly made a second one !


While the main structure conception was done before I joined the crew, I had in charge the design and installation of the main broadcast system. 
I choosed Modulo Kinetic for the broadcast embedded system, due to it’s capability to handle multiple synchronised players, and it’s massive realtime tweakability, allowing any kind of interactivity and on-site performance.

On-site Direction

On-site I worked as video-projectors and Modulo Kinetic operator, and when those jobs were done I usually made an user-friendly interface, so it could be manageable by non-expert users (for shows during multiple days).

Upgrades and Maintenance

When not on-site, my job was to make the trucks always ready to go, and upgrade the system (like putting the Internet for remote control, making the two trucks synchronised, etc)

I’d like to greatfully thank the Athem compagny for putting trust in me and together making this incredible project happen.