Modeling for both HighRes and Realtime

…from ZBrush to Houdini, and very soon Unreal Engine

ZBrush Modeling

Modeling and retopology with ZBrush.

Modeling and apart export of specifics lowres parts.

Houdini rigging

Import of and assembly of ZBrush elements, UV layout and rigging, with the goal to conserve a very low but subdivide friendly geometry.

The array meshe parts from ZBrush had to be remade in Houdini in order to be more easily rigged, and required to be all individuals (no instances) so they all have their own UVs (and specific textures)

Substance Painter

Classic work of texturing via Substance Painter.

Use of instance layers for red color accross parts, and anchor Layer for scratches reacting to normal details layer.
Maps exported in Unreal Engine 4 preset, so can be used in both HighEnd and Realtime Renderers.