• I started to work on VFX back in 1998, by passion and for the will of telling stories.
  • In 2004 I begun my Freelance carrier as Motion Designer / 3D artist, mostly for Fashion and Luxury Brands.
  • I founded my own studio in 2006, for taking in charge bigger projects.
  • Due to the will to have time to develope some skills (like coding, Electronic, Interactive Music & Shows), I came back to Freelance in 2012.
  • I then ran back to VFX and director’s functions.


I’ve been using most of the 3D software over my carrier.
Started with 3D studio 4 (not MAX, the one on MS-DOS), then 3DMAX (this time yes ok), then Maya, then C4D, and, on a perfect summer day, felt in love with Houdini.
I’m also using UnrealEngine for 8 years (personnal projects at first, now working as a TD).
I’m also very familiar with Zbrush and Substance  Designer & Painter as sidekicks.

Compositing | Motion Design | Editing

I recently came back to Nuke for VFX, but I’m still using After Effects for Motion Design.
I’m using Adobe Premiere for editing (sometimes NukeStudio), and formely FinalCut.
For Live events, I’m using Modulo Kinetic (and Modulo Player sometimes).


I began with Cubase, then I went to Ableton Live for it’s robust live features, and the possibility to develop complex plug-ins with MaxMSP.


As I studied C++ at school, I’m still using this robust and efficient language for low-latency applications.
Besides I’m developping my own electronic boards.
And MaxMSP for AbletonLive plugins.